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Caractacus &
The Romans
by Mike Brooks
Suitable for children aged 7 - 11 year old
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Our play follows the true story of Caractacus (The Celts called him "Caradog") and his struggles
against the Roman invaders. For eight years Caractacus led various tribes and held out against the most powerful army in the world.
Eventually he was betrayed by Cartimandua and handed over to his enemies.

To start with Caractacus hates everything about the invaders but as he is captured and taken
to Rome, he learns more about the people who were ruling the known world and can't help but be impressed.

In our play our two talented actors tell the story through the eyes of one of the soldiers who fought against,
captured and brought Caractacus back to Rome.  

The contents of the play fit in well with the national curriculum for Key stage II history
so would fit in well for any Romans project.

The show is entertaining and fun too and so it can be booked as a treat for
children who aren't studying the Romans at all.

"All well done very good storyline with good factual content. Barking Dog never fail us."

Roman Invasion - Montgomery Junior School, Colchester
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