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The Secret Garden
By  Frances Hodgson Burnett (Adapted by Mike Brooks)
Suitable for children aged 4 - 9 year old
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Considered by some (Such as American author Jeffrey Masson) to be
the greatest book ever written for children.

Ten year old Mary has to leave India, where she grew up, to live with her
uncle in Yorkshire after her parents die. At first she is self centred, selfish
and aloof but soon she starts making her first ever friends among the
servants at Mi
sselthwaite Manor. She learns of a secret walled garden
and is determined to find it. She also wants to find out why there is the
mysterious sound of a boy crying in the night.

A theme of the book is that when something is neglected it withers and
dies, but when worked on and cared for it thrives. This applies not only
to the garden but to the characters Mary and her cousin Colin. Barking
Dog's two talented actors play all the children in the story while some
children from the audience get to play the grown ups.

With original music and audience participation as well as use of puppetry
and mime,this is ideal for any book week, projects on Nature, Plants,
Travel, Music or Drama.