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Sleeping Beauty & The Noisy Prince
by Mike Brooks
Suitable for children of all ages
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Last year's pantomime "Cinderella & the Silly Sisters" was very well received, this year
The Barking Dog Theatre Company bring you;-

"Sleeping Beauty & the Noisy Prince"

"There was a princess long ago, long ago, long ago..."who pricked her finger on a needle and fell asleep
for a hundred years. This was all thanks to a jealous witch who had cast a spell on her. Luckily a prince comes riding by,
he's very noisy so surely he'll wake her up. Well only if he has some help form the audience...

The two actors use puppets, audience participation, lots of action and songs so that children of all
ages can join in with all the time-honoured pantomime traditions.

The actors can perform two different versions of this show, One for the nursery age range (3 - 6)
and another more general version.

Barking Dog have been performing Children's shows since 1987 and first performed our pantos over ten years ago.
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Cinderella & The Silly Sisters
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