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Teddy's Seaside Holiday
By Mike Brooks
Eddy The Teddy is getting very excited because he's going off on holiday to the
seaside with his best friend Sammy Ragdoll, Sammy is hoping to have a nice
relaxing time but with
Eddy the Teddy, an adventure is never far away.

Sammy decides that a sleep on the beach in the sun is the best way to spend
the first day. When Eddy soon gets bored and wanders off,
everyone knows
he's going to get into a fix. He meets many interesting and wonderful characters
during his adventure and he needs their help (and children in the audience)
if he is to get back to Sammy safely.

The show uses many elements of theatre, mime, puppetry and songs to join in
with. It's a perfect introduction to live entertainment for children who've never
been to a show
before, and a welcome return for Eddy the Teddy's young fans.

"The children really enjoyed the show and it is really cost-effective when
sharing with another local primary school"

Teddy's Day On The Farm - Bournemouth Park Primary School,
Suitable for children aged 3 - 6 year old.
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