Welcome to the official Website of The Barking Dog Theatre Company.

We are a London based theatre company that, since we began in 1987, have performed
professional exciting
shows for children  in hundreds of schools,mainly in the south of England.

We've also performed in many theatres in England, Wales Scotland,
Ireland and Russia.

include;- Colchester Arts Centre, The Jersey Opera House Studio, The Marketplace
Studio, Armagh, and The Dugdale Centre, Enfield, London.

We bring everything we need to put on a great show;- two talented actors, a small set, lovely
costumes, puppets and sometimes a musical instrument or two.

Our show are entertaining, exciting, informative and educational.
Our shows are suitable for end of term, book week or to enliven a particular project.
2017 Pantomimes
(November '17 - January '18
For children of all ages
We've decided not to auto play music when you
are on this site anymore. However if you want
CLICK HERE for a tune we've used in a
couple of shows.
We have two shows on the road over the
Christmas period. One cast performs
"Cinderella & The Silly Sisters
while the other crew will be performing
"Snow White & The Messy Dwarves"

We'll hae two different version of each
show. One version is specifically tailored
to suit Nursery and reception children
(2 - 6 years) with Nursery songs and less
booing for the baddies. We'll also have a
more general version for the whole
school with songs older children will
recognise and where the whole audience
will be joining in with "He's behind you!"
and "Oh no it isn't!"
Cinderella & The Silly Sisters
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Snow White & The Messy Dwarves
2018 Shows
The Secret Garden
For children aged 5 - 9
Teddy's Seaside Holiday
For children aged 2 - 6
Lucy's War (World War II)
For children aged 5 - 9
Cinderella & The Silly Sisters