Calon Lan (Trad. arr Here Be Dragons)
"Calon" means heart. "Lan" (which should have one of those little
roof thingys over the 'a') comes from "glan" which means fair or
pure. Generally "Calon Lan" is translated as "A Pure Heart"

Nid wi'n gofyn bywyd moethus
I'm not asking for a luxurious life
Aur y byd na'i berlau man
The world's gold or fine pearls
Gofyn 'rwyf am galon hapus
I'm asking for a happy heart
Calon onest calon lan
An honest heart, a pure heart

  Calon lan yn llawn daioni
 A pure heart is full of goodness
  Tecach yw na'r lili dlos
 Lovelier than the fair lilly
  Dim ond calon lan all ganu
Nothing but a pure heart can sing
  Canu'r dydd ar chanu'r nos
Singing by day and singing by night

Pe dymunwn olud bydol
If I wished for worldly wealth
Chwim adenydd iddo sydd
He has a swift seed
Golud calon lan rinweddol
The riches of a virtuous, pure heart
Yn dwyn bythol elw fydd
Will be a perpetual profit


Hwyr a bore fy nymuniad
Late and early my wish
Esgyn ar adenydd can
To heaven on wings of song
Ar i Dduw, er mwyn fy Ngheidwad
And to God, for the sake of my Saviour
Rhoddi imi calon lan
Give to me a pure heart

(c) 1997 Here Be Dragons
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