Ar Fy Mhen Fy Hun (M.Brooks)
"Ar Fy Mhen Fy Hun" means "On My Own".  It's the first
song I've ever written in Welsh so I'm very proud of the
lyrics even if they are very simple.

Es i i dy dy di i weld ty
I went to your house to see you
Es ty allan o dy dy gyda fi
I left your house with you
Aethon ni i'r dref aethon ni i'r harbwr
We went to the town we went to the harbour
Edrychon ni dros y lli
We looked across the sea
Aethon i'r dafarn i siarad
We went to the pub to talk
Yfon ni pump peint ac eto un
We drank five pints and anther one
Est ti gatre es i gatre
You went home I went home
Ar fy mhen fy hun
On my own

  Ar fy mhen fy hun,  ar fy mhen fy hun
On my own, on my own
  Pwy syn gybod ble wyt ti? Dydw i ddim
Who knows where you are? I don't
  Wi'n mynd i gysgu ar fy mhen fy hun
I go to sleep on my own

Es i i dy dy di i weld ti
I went to your house to see you
Meddwlais i "Ble wyt ti?"
I thought "Where are you?"
Es i'r dref es i i'r harbwr
I went to the town I went to the harbour
Edrychais i dros y lli
I looked across the sea
Es i i'r dafarn ac yfais
I went to the pub and drank
Pympddeg peint ac eto un
Fifteen pints and another one
Es i'r gatre eto es i'r gatre
I went home again I went home
ar fy mhen fy hun
On my own

       Ble est ti? Pam est ti? Ble wyt ti?
Where did you go? Why did you go? Where are you?
       Nawr ble ydw i'n mynd?
Now where do I go?
       Adre i gwely i gysgu
Home to bed to sleep
       Ar fy mhen fy hun
On my own

Dwi ddim yn mynd i dy dy
I don't go to your house
Dwi ddim yn meddwl "Ble wyt ti?"
I don't think "Where are you?"
Wi'n mynd i'r dref wi'n mynd i'r harbwr
I go to the town I go to the harbour
Pam na chai i fynd dros y lli?
Why can't I go across the sea?
Wi'n mynd i dafarn i anghofio
I go to the pub to forget
Ac yfed pymddeg peint ac eto un
And to dink fifteen pints and anther one
Eto fynd adre bob nos adre
Again I go home every night home
Ar fy mhen fy hun
On my own


(c) 2000 Katt Pie Records
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