Galway Rose (M.Brooks)

Met you in a bus queue down by the Hayes
The lilt of your voice brightened my day
I asked where you lived, you said Cathays
Hinted at moving soon after
Soon we got chatting, started to flirt
Went to the pasty shop by St. John's church
You cracked a joke and I laughed till it hurt
Tears rolled down my face with laughter

  Rose, Rose, since you went away
  My world has turned colder my skies have been grey
  I peer in the Taff you stare o'er Galway Bay
  My beautiful Rose of Galway

The curve of your body, line of your face
Your beauty and humour your style and your grace
I met you then everything fell into place
Swore I'd stay with you forever
Then you said Cardiff was getting you down
You said you loved me but not my home town
Then next thing I knew you were Galway bound
What chance of us staying together ?


Christina and Gareth were two friends of mine
To each others countries they were not inclined
They divorced a few years down the line
After failing to find a home
You and I, Rose, remind me of them
We're both tied down to our families and friends
Before it gets going this relationship ends
So it's back to being alone


(c) 2001 Katt Pie Records
Featured on album:-

Celtic Bonding