Newport Docks (M.Brooks)

Britain once had an empire
On which the sun never set
And much coal which fired that industry
Was mined with Rhondda sweat
But the mines are closed
"They're out of date
Throw the miners on the dole"
Well I find at Newprt Docks now
They're importing foreign coal

You could cross a south Wales Dock
By walking bough to bough
On Welsh coal laden ships
It's not like that now
Those docks are near deserted now
But if you need work you could roll
On down to Newport Docks
And unload subsidised coal

Abroad the miners work for less
Their coal seems aren't as deep
The Welsh stuff is still plentiful
It's just not as cheap
In a market led economy
What price a Nation's soul?
Find out at Newport Docks
While unloading coal

So it seems Welsh mines are history
Well we want feeding still
Perhaps we shopuld grow coffee
And flog it to Brasil
If sand is shipped to arabs
And snow to the North Pole
I won't be shocked since Newport Docks
Started importing coal

(c) 1993 Mike Brooks
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