The Talking Heads, Southampton, England, September '07
Here Be Dragons in Engalnd for a change, The Talking Heads is a venue just down the road from
Dragons' Sound engineer Cliff and very close to where fiddler Cath lives too.
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Pictures from Mescolanze Festival, Rovereto, Italy
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From Lake Garda to Sunny Southampton,
Stepan always likes to get into the sunshine
and then eat hot food.
The Dragons like to sample the local food in Italy, France or  wherever. In
Southampton it's deep fried Mars bar and an unfeasably large portion of Fish & Chips!
Cath was in the support band too!
A final (?) appearance of "Skimmingotn Ride"
Cliff gets into the grove! (Above)
Pictures from Mescolanze Festival, Rovereto, Italy