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Festa De L'Unita, Villalunga (RE), Italy,
August '05
Here Be Dragons went to Villalunga, near Reggio Emilia and Modena, in northern Italy for the Festa de

Luke Jones engineered this time.  (Luke is not only Kyle's brother but is engineering on the new Dragons
CD Bright New Tommow)

Accordion player Marcin went AWOL but luckily
Rob Morris who'd played with the Dragons stepped
into the breach.
Here Be
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Other Pictures
Luke waits in Stanstead
Breakfast in Italy
We met Rob at Modena Station                                                       Then went to the Hotel
Hold your mouse here a while to watch Will drink
Will sampling the local beer
Hold you mouse over this picture
Luke leaps into action!
Dinner (Cliff wouldn't have liked it anyway)
After the gig Catrin tries to
work out whcih pint is her's
Rob gets dropped back at
Modena staion to make his
way to a gig in Cwmbran!
The folowing day we called in on Clementina who used to run Sisten Irish pub in
Back at the airport
Pictures from Sissa, near Parma, Italy
Pictures from the  
previous gig
Pictures from The Brintaal Celtic Festival, Vicenza, Italy
Pictures from the
following gig